8 Ways to Lower Your A1C levels in 90 Days


Hi I’m Chris and this is the truth and diabetes.

We’re going to share with you today tip number eight in the 90 day a1c challenge again this whole thing is designed to help you to either improve or maintain a healthy hemoglobin a1c level.

So tip number eight I’m going to talk about some natural things there’s actually five you give five tips with price of one today and I’m going to finally tell you what it is I’m giving away so first tip in ways that you can actually lower your a1c or maintain your a1c naturally this guy right here BAM green tea.

There’s lots of studies out there than actually showing that drinking green tea and here’s tip number two eating an apple every day those two things can actually help to lower blood sugar why I don’t know I looked on eHow calm I believe if you look at the link on the blog post you can actually see where I read that article to talk about how grain tea and eating an apple every day actually helped to lower blood sugar. If you want to check your blood sugar accurately please use the a1c home test kit such as A1Now brand. It’s a much better indicator than the conventional blood sugar test.

Number three look at the Mediterranean diet so this is referring to the Mediterranean region of the world where they eat a diet is one thing I love about doing video you never know when a helicopter slides right it just happens and we’re open so what do you do if you’re diabetic and a hell so anyway keep back aside about the Mediterranean diet.

The mediterranean diet is a diet that is rich in fish nuts and extra virgin olive oil okay so for some reason it has like a monounsaturated fat in this olive oil and consuming this monounsaturated fat found in olive oil over there they use it to cook with that’s what they use in the pan when they’re cooking up their fish it actually improves insulin control so that’s tip number three check out the Mediterranean diet I can talk for that a long time but I’m going to keep this post a little bit brief today.

Number four way that you can actually lower your a1c or maintain a healthy A1C shed some weight okay I got doing some research today and actually a PDF came up from the Utah State Department of Health and it talked about how dropping 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can actually greatly increase your body’s ability to use insulin. Ok I’ve experienced this one myself by dropping weight I don’t take near the insulin I used to one down about half the insulin I used to take and it’s slowly slowly declining okay dropping that weight and make sure that you’re doing healthy weight because if you’re dropping muscle that’s really not going to help you but if you’re shedding fat you’re going to basically increase your body’s sensitivity and ability to use insulin.

Then the final tip that I want to talk about today is supplementation now be really careful on this one because it’s really easy to go out there spend a ton of money and buy a whole bunch of supplements pill if you’re covered and half of this stuff it literally just ends up in the septic tank or the sewer anyway that’s right.

You don’t process it you swallow that boom your body’s not getting any benefit of that so do your homework on this you want to look at a couple things you need to look at what the ingredients are in the supplement and then number two you need to look at how do some research on absorb how that is absorbed in your body one ingredient we want to watch for is chromium you know I need to post more on this because this is a very long topic but I just wanted to throw some things in there today naturally that you could do to lower or maintain healthy one sees from now I but I’ve teased and hinted about it for eight weeks.

Now I’m going to reveal the price I’ve been working on this one for a while but got confirmation from my friend and mentor Marcy Locke I’m actually going to be giving away a set of her DVDs which is the truth about weight loss and also her cookbook which is called eat to be a fat-burning machine now the cool thing about this this is an over sits like a $330 value that I’m giving away to you so all you got to do post your a1c number if you’ve already done that fantastic if you get an updated a1c number the next few weeks go ahead and post that again but that’s all you do post your a one see you have friends or family they’re also diabetic refer to them because honestly this program is the best thing that I have done for my diabetes in 20 years.

You know Marv she work with me and working with her just three months I was able to drop three pounds and I’ve been able to keep that off here recipes there’s Fitness tread tips exercise meal planning just about everything is there so that’s the big prize when I actively have the product my head I’ll show it to you I’m going to put a couple pictures up there pretty exciting so there’s tip number eight some things you can do naturally to improve your a1c remember my friends disease our destiny it’s your choice.

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