Meet Lise Age 57 Ultherapy Before & After Story


I’m 57 almost 58 and I’m happily married, grab these taken its toll, I would like to have things shifted and just look refreshed and young. Sometimes I wear my glasses just disguised as I feel like I look tired even if I’m not. I’m in advertising and what people advertising that I work with other twenties and thirties and forties and I always have to be careful to look good and hip, so I’m not like the old lady in the room. I’m really busy at work and I can’t afford have a lot of downtimes, so ultherapy really feels to me that I can get this done and it’s easy and quick.

Hi, lees! How are you, I’m good, how are you? Good good. Ok so when you are looking at your skin, what are the areas that are following the most?

I think around my forehead, eyebrows kind of gravity them down a little. Okay, so maybe a bit of lifting and rejuvenation. Ok. here’s my big question is that gonna hurt. There is some discomfort but there is a reason for it.

When the ultrasound waves go through the skin and affect the lower part of the skin it delivers heat and that heat will over time seem like collagen, I’ll allow patients to pick some oral pain medication, just take the edge off of the treatment to make it more comfortable nothing too heavy duty, just a light, and the good news is right after the treatment it’s not comfortable, it’s only while we’re doing the treatment there can be some heat and some discomfort.

Ok and then how long will it last the effect?

It typically takes about 2 to 3 months see that collagen building take place, so there is a bit of delayed response but once the response kick then I would expect it to last about a year potentially two years but since the aging process is something that keeps going, you want to go ahead of the curve so so typically have patience command maybe once or twice a year for evaluation and potentially medical treatments. Sounds easy.

so this really, you are the perfect candidate for this, your skin has a mild-moderate laxity but it should lift and toned beautifully, ok, so we’re going to start with just one home sign and count to 3, here we go 1,2,3.

are you okay? we scroll over hand but your skin is finally well, it sees exactly where I need to target with the sound waves.

I went back to work the very next day and three months later my skin keeps looking better and better. Overall I just feel like my face and my neck look great, I mean I look in the mirror and I wash my it’s a good feeling, it physically feels soft and I put my makeup on, everything just looks really fresh, my eyes looks much pressure, much tighter, the skin is softer, just plumper.


And now after ultherapy I don’t have to wear those glasses anymore I have high school reunion on my 48th and I haven’t seen these people since we’re all like teenagers, so this is a big deal and I went and I felt really really really confident, I felt good I was having a great time as talk about boyfriends and I wasn’t and this is not disappointing and I knew that I look good and that was a huge fun time for me.

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